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This website is dedicated to the promotion of singing form the word of God through the Psalms. Musicians can acces sheet music and music books on this site all related to the Psalter originally developed by the protestant reformer John Calvin, a psalter still in use in many churches across the globe.

The History of the Genevan Psalter

"In the middle of the 16th century the church reformer, John Calvin, living and working in Geneva embarked on a grand project. With the help of talented poets and musicians he compiled and published a songbook for the young protestant church containing melodies and rhymed lyrics for all 150 psalms. It was his belief that the church of all ages should be able to sing the very songs God gave us in the Bible. This website is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of this very concept, so that people will be able to continue using these Psalms for singing to Gods glory, also today..."

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